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Wireless Internet in Zhitomir and the suburbs.
Home networks, top-notch connection quality, unlimited packages.

Wireless Internet access for residential customers

Our services are a good alternative for mobile Internet use in the private sector and outside the city, where it is impossible to connect to traditional wired networks. Our wireless network provides unlimited access at speeds up to 3 Mbps and makes it possible to use a really high-speed connection for our subscribers. We use only high-quality Internet channels and have interoperability with the leading providers of Ukraine — it allows you to send and receive data at full speed of your service plan.

Coverage of our network, represented on the map are indicative and in many cases be technically possible to connect to the network AirExpress for coverage area, shown on our website. To obtain more precise information about the technical connectivity you can contact our sales managers, as well as our team of engineers that will come to you to pinpoint opportunities to connect to our network.

Connections are provided to our end users by RJ45 (twisted pair).

Note for users of multi-family homes

For users who live in separate apartment buildings, we developed a proposal — «Group connections». The proposal includes lower costs for network connectivity and the ability to use the services of Internet access under the tariff plan «home network». To apply for a connection group wishing to subscribers must be at least 5 users.

Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
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Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
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