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Wireless Internet in Zhitomir and the suburbs.
Home networks, top-notch connection quality, unlimited packages.

Tariffs for residential customers

Unlimited packages to Zhitomir to residential customers:

Speed, Mbps MRC, UAH NRC* 1 100 2999 2 150 2999 3 250 2999

* This is a base price for the connection in Zhitomir depending on the equipment used. If additional work and additional equipment or materials are needed, price may vary. The final price is after checking the technical conditions of connection.

The cost of calling the company’s specialists to check the technical conditions of connection is 50 UAH. If you connect to AirExpress the test technical conditions will included in the cost of connectivity.

Customer is given a one dynamic IP-address.

Phone: +38(0412) 460-480

Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
Cell MTS: +38(095) 294-20-20
Cell Life: +38(073) 550-20-20
Cell Kyivstar: +38(067) 550-20-20
Office 224, 7 Stepana Banderi str., Zhitomir
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Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
Adress: vlg Schastlivoe, 14 L.Ukrainki str.,Borispolskiy, Kievskaya, Ukraine