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Wireless Internet in Zhitomir and the suburbs.
Home networks, top-notch connection quality, unlimited packages.

* Specified for access using a standard client equipment. For speeds greater than 10 Mbps are possible ways of connecting with the individual equipment and channels. In such cases the price is negotiated individually.

Connecting business customers is made for all types of homes and office buildings in Zhitomir and its suburbs. Check specialists is free, the cost of connection discussed individually.

Prices are in UAH with VAT.

Phone: (0412) 460-480

Phone: (0412) 460-480
Cell MTS: (095) 294-20-20
Cell Life: (073) 550-20-20
Cell Kyivstar: (067) 550-20-20
Office 224, 7 Stepan Banderi str., Zhitomir On The Map
Phone: (0412) 460-480