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Wireless Internet in Zhitomir and the suburbs.
Home networks, top-notch connection quality, unlimited packages.

Internet access for business customers

The internet is now everywhere: in banks, hospitals, schools, transport sector, in government and business. Every year the level of services over the Internet is growing by more than 20%.

Airexpress provides access to the Internet through its own IP MPLS network, which allows fast and lossless transfer large amounts of information. Dedicated wireless internet access is available at speeds up to 155Mbit per second. Wired connections are limited to only the client’s needs. Customers are able to connect to the service, access the Internet or to organize corporate data network anywhere in the Zhytomyr region and, if necessary, can quickly increase the speed of access. Network is directly connected with the major backbone operators. For reliability Airexpress uses a ring network redundancy and the latest equipment from Cisco and Juniper.

Free IP-address, blocking unwanted traffic control announcements of its own network via the network Airexpress, registration and maintenance of domain names, e-mail, server colocation and telecommunications equipment.

For companies of all sizes from small businesses to large corporations Airexpress offers flexible pricing scheme. Our customers receive technical support and quality of service can be guaranteed with service level agreement (SLA). This means that the operator is liable for the promised level of service.

Phone: +38(0412) 460-480

Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
Cell MTS: +38(095) 294-20-20
Cell Life: +38(073) 550-20-20
Cell Kyivstar: +38(067) 550-20-20
Office 224, 7 Stepana Banderi str., Zhitomir
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Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
Adress: vlg Schastlivoe, 14 L.Ukrainki str.,Borispolskiy, Kievskaya, Ukraine