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Wireless Internet in Zhitomir and the suburbs.
Home networks, top-notch connection quality, unlimited packages.

About us

Our company provides a wide variety of quality services, high speed access to the World Wide Web by using superior wireless equipment. We can provide direct wired connections to most facilities throughout the cities of Zhitomir and Korostyshev, as well as good portions of suburban areas of these cities.

Need a private network connecting multiple business locations? We have the solution too!

With our wireless network you can get high-speed Internet access virtually anywhere in the city — be it a cottage or office in the private sector, or stand-alone store. For us there are no obstacles whether it is in the river, forest or on the road.

We provide unlimited packages at very low costs with absolutely no limit on the amount of traffic used. Our network maintains the highest quality of communication channels superior to those of our competitors. Now you can enjoy the quality of our wireless network as compared to being plugged into wired networks or that of superior quality mobile Internet connection.

We take pride in our network and pass that pride onto our customers.

Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
0 800 20 20 10 Callback
Phone: 0 800 20 10 30 Callback
Office 224, 7 Stepana Banderi str., Zhitomir
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Phone: +38(0412) 460-480
Adress: vlg Schastlivoe, 14 L.Ukrainki str.,Borispolskiy, Kievskaya, Ukraine